How to Change Your Karma Now

How to Change Your Karma Now
by Rita Panahi

Karma is commonly defined as the consequences of our actions. But, this rudimentary understanding merely scratches the surface. This book delves into the subtler root causes that direct our karma. Written with a spirit of compassion and mindfulness, the book provides detailed steps and helpful  exercises which will empower the reader to transform their karma from negative to positive and, in the process, to see their dreams manifest in reality. How to Change Your Karma Now reaches out to those who feel stuck and unable to create the change which they desire in their lives. It is also eye-opening and beneficial for those who may be satisfied with their lives, yet long to learn about the deeper dimensions of themselves and their inter-connectedness with all living beings, nature, and the universe.

"This is a sweet and simple book that is easy to read yet packed with powerful information and insight that can change your life. I bought this book because I was interested in karma, not because I wanted to change my own, and it did not disappoint. Practically every page gave me information about karma that I did not know. I highly recommend this book."
Cassie Y
"Out of all of Rita's books, this one is one of my favorites. It's very easy to read, with amazing information. She describes and explains everything so well that even someone that knows nothing about karma or energy can easily learn and understand this book!
This book is good to take your time with, to make sure you absorb all the great information and change your karma at your own pace. I think everyone in this world needs this book! It has helped me change my family karma as well as m own. I always feel so inspired after reading any of Rita's books. If you want to change your life and really start to take control of your life this is the best book for you!!!"
"I highly recommend this book. It has been very practical and useful for living an inspired and balanced life. There are insights that helped me gain balance and strength from within. I have recommended this book to friends and family members and will keep it near my bedside as a way to ground me when life takes its turns. Thank you Rita for writing such a meaningful book!"